Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am absolutely pumped about this weekend at a2. We wrap up our current series GOD LOVE SEX: The Song of Solomon with a message titled, "Once In A Lifetime Love."

Here's what you can expect.

Worship is going to rock! This weekend we're singing one of my all time favorite worship songs - an all out rock anthem of love to our great God. Don't miss the opening song in worship. You'll regret it... As part of our worship experience, we're also going to experience Holy Communion and thank God for His extravagant grace and amazing love! I can hardly wait...

We're also doing two incredible cover songs. One by John Mayer and another by Keith Urban. You'll just have to wait until Sunday to get the scoop on what we're doing. But a heads up: we're not just doing these songs to be "cool" or "hip." We're doing these songs because they serve a huge purpose and are really going to help communicate the final message in this series. This is the weekend you want to bring your unchurched friends and family to church with you... They'll be blown away.

Finally, there's the message. God's Word on relationships... The message? All I can say is that we are BRINGING THE HEAT with a challenge to students, singles, young adults and married couples. This is THE MESSAGE from the series you don't want to miss.

I really believe that this Sunday God is going to be glorified, people are going to be inspired, lives are going to be changed, the place is going to rock!

Invite a friend to join you this Sunday, 9:45 am @ a2 Church.

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