Friday, April 3, 2009


Palm Sunday, April 5, 9:45 am
a2 Church

What occurred during the last week of Jesus' life and ministry? What was on Jesus' mind as He entered into this week? What was it that caused Him to focus so singularly and passionately on the cross? What were His priorities?

What if Jesus' priorities could be narrowed down to three simple objectives?

* God's glory! His NAME and His FAME!
* His redemptive plan and purpose.
* Your ULTIMATE good.

What difference would that make in your life? Does this sound like nothing but boring theology?
Then, you may not understand the three ultimate objectives on the heart and mind of Jesus as He entered His last week of life and ministry and what it means to YOU.

Discover the difference these three priorities made in Jesus' life and the effect they can have on your life.

You don't want to be late. From the first note to the last word, this Sunday's service @ a2 will rock and could very well change your life. See you Sunday.

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