Saturday, April 4, 2009


Special thanks to Travis Johnson, Lead Pastor of Life Pointe Church for the insights...

This year me and Janet are placing hand written notes on the doors / mailboxes of all our neighbors (about 30 homes). We’re also mailing invites to friends. We really believe some of them will be joining us for Easter weekend @ a2!

Here are a few tips for maximizing days like Easter to introduce your neighborhood and friends to Christ.

• Hand write a simple note and include it with the Invite / Impact Card. Remember to include the time, date and location in your note.

• If possible, personalize each note with your neighbor’s name, etc. If not, a simple, “Hi!” will do fine.

• Utilize the “Best News You’ve Heard...” Invite / Impact Cards.

• Include your first and last name, address, phone and email with the invite. It shows that you’re not some “random” solicitor or crazy person just passing through.

• On the outside of the Invitation Envelope write: “You’re Invited!”

• Place the invitations on people’s doors. Don’t knock or harass anyone.

• As you walk through the neighborhood, pray that God would connect with the people He longs to reach.

• Expect some of your neighbors and friends to respond.

• If possible, grab a cup of coffee or share lunch with them after their visit. Be committed to the relationship, regardless!

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