Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, a2erswho are YOU bringing to church with you this weekend?

People need Jesus! And this is one of those occasions, where I really believe, we are NOT called to be passive or silent. It's crucial that we get active.

Here's our commitment: We promise that we'll do do everything we can do as a church to make sure the Gospel is presented in a very clear and unforgettable way

But the rest is up to you!

What do you need to do to get people here?

Maybe you’ve asked someone 100 times in the past…ask them again!

Personally…I am glad there was a lady named Shirley who kept asking my Dad to come to church... He finally went, fell in love, heard the Gospel, met Jesus and not only was His life transformed, but our entire family was changed because of my Aunt Shirley's persistence...

Shirley wouldn't give up on my Dad! Please don't give up on THE PERSON (or PEOPLE) God has placed in your life. Don't give up!


Good Friday Worship and Communion
The Wonderful Cross

Friday, April 10, 6 pm

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 12, 9:45 am

Our purpose in both services? To present the truth of the Gospel!

So, here's my challenge: BE THE GOSPEL! Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get people here...

Here are a few real PRACTICAL IDEAS for you:

Pray like crazy. I mean it! Pray like EVERYTHING depends on God. Work like everything depends on YOU. Pray that people who don’t know Jesus would come to know Him this weekend. Beg Jesus to change lives this weekend. Beg Him. Be passionate in your prayer time. Let's believe that after this weekend HELL will be LESS CROWDED than it was last weekend because we were willing to abandon ourselves to the GOSPEL and GO FOR IT!

TEXT your friends an invite to experience THE BEST NEWS YOU’VE HEARD all week this Sunday at 9:45.

EMAIL invites to your friends.

HANDWRITTEN NOTES to your neighbors.

• Put an INVITE CARD on your neighbors doors. (No, I’m not asking you to show up on a bike wearing a white shirt and tie…)

• Carry a stack of INVITE CARDS with you and invite the people in your OFFICE, the people you meet at the gym, the Check Out girl at WALMART.

CALL your friends to make a personal ask.

THINK about who you haven't seen in church in a while and give them a SHOUT.

• Tell your KIDS to bring their friends! That’s right! Your kids can really make a difference for Christ this Easter weekend. Their friends and family maybe looking for something fun to do…

• Be a part of our GOOD FRIDAY WORSHIP and HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE this Friday, April 10 from 6 – 7 pm. Titled, The Wonderful Cross, featuring an “unplugged set,” an intimate time in worship, a completely different message than Sunday, Holy Communion and an opportunity for prayer – this service will prepare you to experience the power of the resurrection.

Yesterday me and Janet delivered 30 handwritten invites to our neighbors… We have 10 more to go… Today, we’ll finish out our neighborhood.

We’ll also mail a couple of invites to some friends of ours…

We are expecting God to BLOW OUR MINDS this weekend. We are expecting Him to do more than we possibly imagine.

Why not give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work through YOU?
Be obedient to share the GOOD NEWS. Get ready to watch God transform lives – one step at a time.

GET THIS: This Sunday is going to SERIOUSLY ROCK! It’s all about Jesus! We are going to LIFT HIM UP and EXPECT HIM to CHANGE LIVES.

Let’s GO FOR IT!!!!


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