Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vote for Voices of Lee on NBC's "The Sing Off"

Okay, guys and gals, this week NBC's "The Sing Off" featured eight a capella groups including the Voices of Lee from Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

I know... I know... I'm prejudiced. My oldest daughter will graduate from Lee University in May. (Way to go, Chels!)

I've also had the privilege of speaking at Lee U several times during their Chapel Services and for two convocations. I love this place. I love the students. I love the members of the faculty I've had the privilege to meet. I love their president, Dr. Paul Conn - one of the most gifted leaders I've ever met.

I also love VOL... I love their leader, Danny Murray.

If you got to take in "The Sing Off" and watch VOL perform, you know they rocked it - especially on the Beatles medley tonight! Great job! They also brought on Monday and Tuesday with covers of Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten," Alisha Keyes "No One" and George Michael's, "Freedom 90."

You can vote for Voices of Lee by calling 1-877-674-6403 or texting "3" to 33088. You can vote up to ten times via each method up until Sunday!

Let's rock the vote for these guys and gals from Clevegas! Oh yeah!!!

Now, go to it! You've got 10 votes via each method. Make it count!

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