Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MOSAIC: Loss, Romance, Sex, Race and the Sovereignty of God

New Series Launches
This Sunday
April 11, 9:45 am
a2 Church

Naomi was an older woman who endured the worst life could possibly throw at her... Ruth was a desperate, young, single, immigrant worker who stood over the grave of her young husband. Boaz was a wealthy, middle-aged landowner who had never been married...

The Book of Ruth is a story for our time. It's a story about single adults - young, middle-aged and senior - who know the importance of building life-giving friendships. It's the story of a single man and woman who discover romance amid the ruins of a broken life, and make a decision to honor God with their sexuality despite the obvious attraction. It's a story about loss, relationships, romance, race and the sovereignty of God. It's a a story about faith, hope and love in the middle of desperate times...

The new series kicks off this Sunday. Don't miss the opening message.

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