Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just read this quote while reading Tullian Tchividjian's blog. In a recent post, Tchividgian quotes Mike Metzger of the Clapham Institute outlining the tragic results that occur when Christians fail to maintain the tension between purity and proximity:

"Being salt and light demands two things: We practice purity in the midst of a fallen world and yet we live in proximity to this fallen world. If you don't hold up both truths in tension, you invariably become useless and separated from the world God loves. For example, if you only practice purity apart from proximity to the culture, you inevitably become pietistic, separatist, and conceited. If you live in close proximity to the culture without also living in a holy manner, you become indistinguishable from fallen culture and useless in God's kingdom."

Our job? To be salt and light... In the world, but not of it... Pure and in close proximity...

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