Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dana Key of Degarmo & Key Passes

Degarmo and Key was one of the first true "Christian Rock Bands" I ever experienced live... A small group of four or five us "kids" traveled to Trinity College to catch a live show... We had heard their first few releases: "This Time Thru," "Straight On," "This Ain't Hollywood" and their double live album, which ranks as one of my all time favorites, "No Turning Back - Live" and wanted to catch the band live and in person. Wow! That night was amazing! It still ranks as one of the best concerts I've ever personally experienced!

This morning I just read that Dana Key, the lead singer / front man for the group passed away this past Sunday night...

Amazingly, I just listened to that double live album a couple of weeks ago... Dana still ranks as one of my favorite vocalists. He was a gifted writer, singer and guitar player...

The early D & K releases were very instrumental in challenging and inspiring my faith as a teen and young adult...

Some of my favorite songs from D & K include:

Casual Christian
Love Is All You Need
Over and Over
Out of the Danger Zone
Strength of Love
Teenage Suicide
Long Distance Runner

Check out this article from Christianity Today Online on Dana...

Take a moment to pray for him, his family and the church he pastored... If you've never got to listen to any of his music, check out some of the above referenced songs...

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