Thursday, July 8, 2010


Scientifically, the word WIMP is short for "weakly interacting massive particles." I won't even attempt to explain it, because I don't really understand it...

If you're an ordinary dude like me, the word WIMP just means, "weak, frail, cowardly, gutless or unadventurous."

If you're "old school" we're talking Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver. If you don't go back that far, we're talking Milhouse from The Simpson's, Spencer Pratt from Heidi and Spencer, Jake from The Bachelor, or Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP.

Get the picture?

I said all of that to say this: this weekend @ a2 is NOT for WIMPS! We're talking two worship experiences jam-packed with truth on steroids! Two straight-forward, hard-hitting, muscle-building and life-changing messages! Music that really matters. The weekend is going to rock!

Here's the buzz on this Sunday @ a2 Church.

You Can Change!

Sunday Morning, July 11, 9:45

Maybe you're a new Christian struggling to break free from past hang-ups, hurts, sin and self-defeating habits? Maybe you're a "seasoned vet" who feels like you're stuck or plateaued? There is hope! You really can change! This Sunday we'll talk about God's promise and power to transform and overcome our messed up, broken lives. Invite a friend to join you for this important worship experience.

The action doesn't end on Sunday morning... Make plans to join us Sunday night...

The Beauty and Mystery of Spiritual Language
Special Sunday Evening Worship Experience

Sunday Evening, July 11, 6 pm

What about the miraculous "gifts of the Holy Spirit"? Are they still in operation? What about the "gift of tongues" or "spiritual language"? Is this gift something every believer can experience or something that needs to be avoided at all costs? Is the whole subject something only wackos and nutcases waste time on? This Sunday night I'll teach on the often misunderstood and controversial subject of "speaking with tongues" or "spiritual language."

If you're a bonafide WIMP, you may want to stay away from a2 Church this weekend. It's not for the weak of heart...

But if you're a guy or gal who has ever struggled with self-defeating behavior patterns or sin... If you're a guy or gal who wants to dig deep in Scripture... If you're a guy or gal who believes that truth matters... If you're a guy or gal who longs to be transformed... If you're a person who loves God-centered worship... Well, this weekend is for you! See you this Sunday @ a2.

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